dfynz communications+


Dfynz (as in ”defines”) delivers a broad platform of senior-level customized strategic communications solutions to increase awareness while protecting your brand. 


What Dfynz you?

Reputation management is the core function of strategic communications. Identifying issues and managing them in a timely fashion can avoid missteps, take advantage of opportunities and potentially avoiding, or worse, creating a crisis. Specific areas of expertise include every-day communications to build and support brands and business initiatives, message development, public relations, crisis/issues management and media training & executive coaching.

Our knowledge of markets, regulatory issues, competitive landscape and the media give us a well-rounded perspective. Building and maintaining a solid reputation while protecting a brand is crucial to business success and reaching key milestones.Communications is a broad topic requiring highly specialized experience and expertise. It is a careful balance of considering all stakeholders, anticipating the direction while developing the right story and executing on all of the pieces that will be received by every audience.

Affiliates in financial  and business hubs around the world.