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Media and presentation trainers around the world will now show the clip of a rather thirsty U.S. Senator Marco Rubio giving the GOP rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union speech February 12. See it here. They will use it in their sessions and discussions about what not to do. We are discussing it here for free.

Many of us have some physiological “thing” that becomes amplified when we are nervous. Swaying. Swallowing. Blinking. Blushing. Public speaking makes most of us uneasy. Know what your “thing” is and learn how to deal with it in advance.

If you get dry mouth, have water available–but closer than 18 inches away. Use Biotene, a mouthwash especially for dry mouth, or Hall’s Refreshers. Sweat a lot? Be sure to tell the makeup artist at the studio. He or she will apply extra powder before you go on camera. Leave plenty of time before the interview so that you aren’t rushing. Keep a blotting sponge in your hand. Wear light, natural fabrics, never anything heavy, even in winter. Fidgety? Hold a pen. It won’t show on camera or behind a podium.

Regardless of the nervous tick or habit, the most important thing is to prepare. Rehearse what you are going to say so that when your dry mouth, sweating or something else distracts you, you can remain on message and not distract the audience from your story.

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